Episcopal Lineages since 1958

Episcopal Lineages in China since 1958

The consecrations of the CPA and later the secret consecrations of the vatican-appointed bishops in China started on 13.04.1958 with the consecration of Bishops Dong Guang-qing and Yuan Wen-hua by Bishop Li Taonan.

For a nearly 60 years of consecrations I want to give an overview on the consecration lineages of these bishops in China, who continued the various lineages in China - without and with approval of the Holy See.

The "first generation" of independent patriotic bishops and secretly consecrated roman-catholic bishops started with the following chinese bishops:

Duan Yinmin (lineage Jantzen)
Li Boyu (lineage Zhou Weidao, see lineage Riberi)

Li Taonan (lineage Rosà)
Pi Shu-shi (lineage Riberi)
Wang Wen-cheng (lineage Costantini)
Zhao Zhen-sheng (lineage Cui Shouxun)

Another consecration (Hao Jinli), probably by Bishop Zhang Kexing, belongs to the lineage of Bishop De Smedt