Valentin, Sylvain Pierre

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 11.12.1880 Usson-en-Forez (Lyon), member of M.E.P. 10.09.1900, priest 26.06.1904, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zeugma and Coadjutor of Kangting 16.11.1926, consecrated 07.08.1927 in Tatsienlu, consecrator Mons. Rouchouse, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Kangting 09.08.1936, nominated Bishop of Kangting 11.04.1946, died 07.01.1962 Montbeton [1] 


Valtorta, Enrico Pascal

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Born 14.05.1883 Carate Brianza (Milano), member of M.E.M. 1907, priest 30.03.1907, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Lerus and Apostolic Vicar of Hongkong 15.03.1926, consecrated 13.06.1926 in Hongkong, consecrator Mons. Costantini, nominated Bishop of Hongkong 11.04.1946, died 03.09.1951 Hongkong [2]


Van Aertselaer, Jérôme

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Born 01.11.1847 Hoogstraeten (Mechelen), priest 11.06.1870, member of C.I.C.M. 24.03.1873, nominated Superior General of C.I.C.M. 1887, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zarai and Apostolic Vicar of Mongolia Centrale 04.05.1898, consecrated 24.07.1898 in Anderlecht, consecrator Cardinal Goossens [3], nominated Apostolic Vicar of Tchagar 14.03.1922, died 12.01.1924 Siwantze [4]


Van Buggenhout, Alfons

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Born 29.09.1906 Mechelen, member of C.I.C.M. 1925, priest 16.08.1931, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Tatung 31.03.1950, additional nominated Apostolic Administrator of Kinmen and Matzu 13.02.1970, emeritus 14.09.1981, died 10.12.1983 Taiwan [5] 


Van Dijck, Louis

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Born 21.01.1862 Loenhout (Mechelen), member of C.I.C.M. 02.10.1882, priest 30.05.1885, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Abbir Maius and Apostolic Vicar of Mongolia Occiduo-Meridionale 10.08.1915, consecrated 23.01.1916 in Soun-chou-tsoei, consecrator Mons. Abels, emeritus 1937, died 04.12.1937 Suiyuan [6] 


Van Koot, Daniel-Bernard

Born, priest, member of CICM, nominated superior of I-li 1888, emeritus or death 1893 [6a]



Van Melckebeke, Charles

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.06.1898 St. Joost-ten-Noode (Mechelen), member of C.I.C.M. 1916, priest 24.09.1922, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ningsia 03.04.1946, nominated Bishop of Ningsia 11.04.1946, consecrated 30.05.1946 in Suiyuan, consecrator Mons. Morel, died 26.08.1980 Singapur [7] 


Vanni, Pacifico Giulio

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Born 25.09.1893 Montaione (Volterra), member of O.F.M. 1911, priest 14.03.1920, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zapara and Apostolic Vicar of Sianfu 14.06.1932, consecrated 23.10.1932, consecrator Mons. Massi in Hanchow, nominated Archbishop of Sian 11.04.1946, in Italy since 1949 [8], nominated Archbishop-Bishop of Sovana-Pitigliano 10.05.1952, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Proconneso 13.07.1963, died 24.06.1967 Fiesole [9] 


Varo, Francisco

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04. or 21.10.1627 Sevilla, member of O.P. 08.10.1643, priest 1647, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Lydde and Apostolic Vicar of Fokien 25. or 31.01.1687, died (without consecration) 31.01.1687 Fuzhou (in prison) [10]


Velasco, Juan Bautista

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 17.06.1911 Parana (Oviedo ), member of O.P. 1927, priest 10.08.1935, nominated Bishop of Hsiamen (Amoy) 10.06.1948, consecrated 24.10.1948 in Hongkong, consecrator Mons. Riberi [11], emeritus 1983, died 26.10.1985 Oviedo [12] 


Venadam, Louis Arthur

Born 16.05.1899 Pomquet/Canada, member of S.F.M., priest 02.11.1930, nominated Apostolic Pro-Prefect of Lishui 1944, emeritus 1948, 1952-54 in prison and tortured, died 08.03.1958 Canada [13] 


Ventallol, Magino

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 26.03.1647 Barcelona, member of O.P., priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Carystos and Apostolic Vicar of Fokien 03.12.1718, died (without consecration) 03.01.1732 Canton [14]


Verbist, Theophiel (Théophile)

(Foto: Wikipedia)

Born 12.06.1823 Antwerp (Belgium), priest 18.09.1847, founded C.I.C.M. in 1862, Apos. Pro-Vicar of Mongolia 1866, died 23.02.1868 Laohugou [14a]


Verhaegen, Theotimus Jozef

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.02.1867 Mechelen/Belgium, member of O.F.M. 05.10.1887, priest 22.03.1890, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Syene and Apostolic Vicar of Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale 19.04.1900, consecrated 11.11.1900 in Ichang, consecrator Mons. Carlassare, died 19.07.1904 Cha-tse-ti (assassinated) [15] 


Vérineux, André-Jean

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.11.1897 Reims, member of M.E.P. 30.09.1919, priest 23.12.1922, nominated Bishop of Yingkow 14.07.1949, consecrated 16.10.1949 in Moukden, consecrator Mons. Gaspais, additional Apostolic Administrator of Hwalien 07.08.1952 - 25.07.1973, died 10.01.1983 Hwalien [16]


Verrolles, Emmanuel

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 12.04.1805 Caen (Bayonne), priest 31.05.1828, member of M.E.P. 1830, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Columbria and Apostolic Vicar of Manciuria 11.12.1838, consecrated 08.11.1840 in Tanyienfu, consecrator Mons. Salvetti, died 29.04.1878 Ingtse [17]


Versiglia, Luigi

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 05.06.1873 Oliva Gessi (Tortona), member of S.D.B. 1888, priest 21.12.1895, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Caryste and Apostolic Vicar of Shiuchow 22.04.1920, consecrated 09.01.1921 in Canton, consecrator Mons. Budes de Guébriant, died 25.02.1930 Lai Teu Tsoei (murderd), Beatification 15.05.1983, Canonisation 01.10.2000 [18]


Vic, Casimir

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 29.09.1852 Mourmentres (Rodez), member of C.M. 1873, priest 26.05.1877, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Metellopolis and Apostolic Vicar of Kiam-Si Orientale 11.09.1885, consecrated 24.01.1886 in Foutcheou, consecrator Mons. Bray, died 02.06.1912 Kia-hing [19]


Vidi, Pio

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.05.1842 Verona, member of O.F.M. 1857, priest 16.05.1865, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Cestrus and Coadjutor of Chensi 24.08.1886, consecrated 09.01.1887 in Sianfu, consecrator Mons. Pagnucci, emeritus 23.03.1900, died 28.08.1906 La Valetta/Malta [20] 


Vienne de Hautefeuille, Jean de

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 02.04.1877 Douai (Cambrai), member of C.M. 02.07.1899, priest 09.06.1900, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Abrittum and Coadjutor of Ce-Li Meridio-Occidentale 10.08.1915, consecrated 21.11.1915 in Tchengtingfou, consecrator Mons Jarlin, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Li Meridio-Occidentale 04.02.1917, nominated Coadjutor of Ce-Li Settentrionale 02.04.1919, additional nominated Apostolic Administrator of Ce-Li Marittimo 22.07.1920, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Li Marittimo 12.06.1923, nominated Bishop of Tientsin 11.04.1946, emeritus 14.06.1951, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Abora 14.06.1951, died 21.09.1957 [21] 


Villanova, Guglielmo da

Born (unknown date), member of O.F.M., priest, nominated Bishop for China 23.07.1307, consecrated, consecrator Cardinal Giovanni Minio da Morrovalle [22], never went to China, died (unknown date) [23]


Visdelou, Claude de

Born 12.08.1656 Castle Bienassis en Pleneuf, Trebry /France, member of S.J. 05.09.1673, priest, nominated by Bishop Tournon [24] Apostolic Vicar of Kouytcheou 12.01.1708, Tit.-Bishop of Claudiopolis 10.02.1708 (approved by the Pope 15.03.1711) and Apostolic Administrator of Houkouang 02.02.1709 or 15.03.1711, consecrated (secretly) 02.02.1709 in Macau, consecrator Cardinal de Tournon [24], expelled, since 1709 in India, died 11.11.1737 Pondicherry (India) [25]


Vogel, Charles

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 03.11.1878 Bischwiher (Strasbourg), member of M.E.P. 14.09.1897, priest 23.06.1901, nominated Pro-Vicar of Swatow 1928, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Partais and Coadjutor of Swatow 10.12.1934, consecrated 01.05.1935 in Swatow, consecrator Mons. Rayssac, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Swatow 09.12.1935, nominated Bishop of Swatow 11.04.1946, expelled December 1952, died 13.04.1957 Montbeton [26]


Volonteri, Simeone

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 06.06.1831 Milano, member of M.E.M. 1855, priest 1855 or 1857, nominated Apostolic Pro-Vicar of Honan 1869, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Palaeopolis and Apostolic Vicar of Honan 22.07.1873, consecrated 22.02.1874 in Wuchang, consecrator Mons. Zanoli, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ho-Nan Meridionale 11.12.1884, died 21.12.1904 Fengking [27]


Vos, Alphonse de

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 21.04.1840 Bruges, priest 19.12.1863, member of C.I.C.M. 1868, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Abdera und and Apostolic Vicar of Mongolia Occiduo-Meridionale 11.12.1883, consecrated 18.05.1884 in Siwantze, consecrator Mons. Bax, died 21.07.1888 San-tao-ho [28]


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