15.07.2023: Bishop Joseph Shen Bin named Bishop of Shanghai

09.07.2023: Bishop Chow Sau-yan of Hong Kong appointed to College of Cardinals

14.04.2023: Bishop Peter Lin Jiashan of Fuzhou died

04.04.2023: Bishop Joseph Shen Bin of Haimen installed as Bishop of Shanghai

02.01.2023: Bishop John Huo Cheng of Fenyang died

29.12.2022: Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Ti-Kang of Taipeh died

19.12.2022: Bishop Joseph Gao Hongxiao of Kaifeng died

24.11.2022: Bishop John Peng Weizhao of Yujiang officially installed as Aux.-Bishop of patr. diocese of Jiangxi

02.09.2022: Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Cheng Tsai-fa of Taipeh died

28.08.2022: Bishop John Ye Ronghua of Ankang died, Coadjutor John Wang Xiaoxun will succeed him

10.05.2022: Bishop Peter Wu Junwei of Yuncheng died

16.02.2022: Norbert Pu Yinghsiung new bishop of Kiayi

13.10.2021: Bishop Stephen Yang Xiangtai of Handan died

08.09.2021: Consecration of Bishop Francis Cui Qingqi of Hankou/Wuhan

28.07.2021: Consecration of Coadjutor Bishop Anthony Li Hui of Pingliang

09.07.2021: Bishop Matthew Cao Xiangde of Hangzhou died

19.06.2021: Bishop John Lee Juo-Wang of Tainan retired

17.05.2021: Stephen Chow Sau-yan S.J. named Bishop of Hong Kong

05.01.2021: Bishop Joseph Tsong Huaide of Sanyuan passed away

31.12.2020: Bishop Andreas Han Jingtao of Siping passed away.

22.12.2020: Consecration of Bishop Peter Liu Genzhu of Hongdong

23.11.2020: Consecration of Bishop Thomas Chen Tianhao of Qingdao

14.11.2020: Bishop Bosco Lin Chi-nan of Tainan retired, John Lee Juo-Wang will succeed him

04.10.2020: Aux.-Bishop Guo Xijin from Mindong resigns from public office.

23.05.2020: Archbishop John Hung Shan-chuan of Taipeh retired, Bishop Thomas Chung An-Zu will succeed him.

07.05.2020: Bishop Joseph Zhu Baoyu passed away

25.03.2020: Bishop Joseph Ma Zhongmu passed away


23.12.2019: Fr. Giancarlo Politi, PIME passed away today.

                    Thank you very much Fr. Politi for all your assistance! RIP.

20.11.2019: Bishop Andrew Jin Daoyuan passed away

08.06.2019: Bishop Stephen Li Side of Tianjin passed away

12.01.2019: Stephen Xu Hongwei elected new Coadjutor of Hanzhong, Anthony Yao Shun new Bishop of Jining.

03.01.2019: Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung of Hongkong passed away


22.09.2018: Pope Francis has decided to constitute in China the Diocese of Chengde.

22.09.2018: Pope Francis has decided to readmit to full ecclesial communion the remaining “official” Bishops, ordained without Pontifical Mandate: H.E. Mgr Joseph Guo Jincai, H.E. Mgr Joseph Huang Bingzhang, H.E. Mgr Paul Lei Shiyin, H.E. Mgr Joseph Liu Xinhong, H.E. Mgr Joseph Ma Yinglin, H.E. Mgr Joseph Yue Fusheng, H.E. Mgr Vincent Zhan Silu and H.E. Mgr Anthony Tu Shihua, OFM (who, before his death on 4th January 2017, had expressed the desire to be reconciled with the Apostolic See).

15.06.2018: Bishop Joseph Li Mingshu of Qingdao died

18.01.2018: Bishop Emeritus Joseph Wang Yu-jung died


11.12.2017: Aux.-Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi of Hwalien retired

07.12.2017: Bishop Matthias Yu Chengxin passed away

17.11.2017: Bishop Lucas Ly Jing Feng of Fengxian passed away.
                    Thank you Bishop Lucas for all your assistance! RIP.

                     Coadjutor Bishop Peter Li Huiyuan succeeded.


25.09.2017: Bishop Matthew Hu Xiande of Ningbo passed away

22.08.2017: Archbishop Emeritus Matthew Kia Yen-Wen of Taipeh passed away

14.08.2017: Bishop Paul Xie Ting Zhe of Urumqi passed away

13.08.2017: Bishop Sylvester Li Jiantang of Taiyuan passed away

01.08.2017: Coadjutor bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung to succeed Cardinal John Tong Hon as Bishop of Hong Kong

09.06.2017: Bishop John Liu Shigong of Wumeng (Jining) passed away

20.04.2017: Andreas Wang Chong Yi, Bishop Emeritus of Guizhou, passed away

14.02.2017: Bishop Casimir Wang Milu, Bishop Emeritus of Tianshui, passed away

04.01.2017: Bishop Anthony Tu Shihua of Puqi passed away


02.12.2016: Consecration of John Lei Jiapei of Xichang

30.11.2016: Two consecrations in China:

                      John Wang Xiaoxun for Ankang and Joseph Tang Yuange for Chengdu


13.11.2016: Michael Yeung Ming-cheung named Coadjutor of Hong Kong

10.11.2016: Consecration of Bishop Peter Ding Lingbin of Changzhi

27.10.2016: Bishop Emeritus Francis Tong Hui of Yan'an passed away.

19.10.2016: Father Paul Dong Guanhua from Zhengding announced that he had been secretly ordained as a bishop 11 years ago

25.09.2016: Bishop Anthony Xu Jiwei of Taizhou passed away.

12.09.2016: Msgr. Rodrigues da Costa, Bishop Emeritus of Macau, passed away.

07.09.2016: Bishop Vincent Zhu Weifang of Wenzhou passed away. Coadjutor Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin succeeded.

30.07.2016: Bishop Vincent Huang Shoucheng of Mindong passed away. Coadjutor Bishop Vincent Guo Xijin succeeded.

01.06.2016: Bishop Zhu Weifang retired

08.05.2016: Bishop Thomas Zhang Huaixin of Anyang passed away. Coadjutor Bishop Joseph Zhang Yinlin succeeded.

19.04.2016: New book on Catholic Bishops in China published by Dr. Manfred Kierein

02.04.2016: Bishop Thomas Zeng Jingmu, Bishop Emeritus of Yujiang passed away