Fabrègues, Joseph

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 26.11.1872 Montpellier, member of C.M. 06.10.1890, priest 20.05.1896, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Alalia Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Li Centrale 14.02.1910, consecrated 22.05.1910 in Paotingfu, consecrator Mons. Jarlin, nominated Coadjutor of Peking 13.06.1923, died 25.11.1928 Novosibirsk [1]

Fahy, Eugène

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 31.08.1911 San Francisco, member of S.J., priest 19.05.1945, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Yangchow 09.02.1951, emeritus 1983, died 00.00.1996 [2]

Fan Dao-jiang 

Born (unknown date), priest, Bishop of Nanchong, consecrated 07.04.1963 in Nanchong, consecrator Bishop John Li Xi-Ting, died 17.12.1987 [3]


Fan Henggan, Joseph

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 16.10.1882 Siwantze, priest 24.09.1910, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Paphus and Apostolic Vicar of Tsining 10.01.1933, consecrated 11.06.1933 in Rome, consecrator Pope Pius XI. [4], nominated Bishop of Tsining 11.04.1946, died 1975 or 1979 [5]


Fan Kai-ping, Stephen

Born (unknown date), priest, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Chaotung 06.07.1951, died 1982 [6]


Fan Luyi, Louis

(Foto: https://www.xinde.org/show/34771)

Born 01.02.1920 Gangfangyingzi/Baotou, priest 19.08.1950, Bishop of Baotou 1992, never consecrated, nominated Administrator of Baotou, retired 09.06.2004, died 23.03.2016 Qingshan [7]


Fan Puhou

Born (unknown date), priest, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Tatung 1948, died?  [8]


Fan Wenxing, Peter

(Foto: sent by Bishop to Dr. Kierein)

Born 27.01.1921 Zhujiahe, priest 1948 or 1949, nominated Administrator of Hengshui 1954, Bishop of Hengshui 1980, consecrated 20.or 21.12.1981 in Tangshan, consecrator Bishop Chang Shou-yi, consecrated again 06.12.1982, consecrator Liu Ding Han, emeritus 1999, died 28.02.2006 [9]



Fan Xueyan, Joseph Peter

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 29.12.1907 Siao-Wang-Ting (Paoting), priest 22.12.1934, nominated Bishop of Paoting 12.04.1951, consecrated 24.06.1951 in Hankow, consecrator Mons. Rosà, died 13. or 16.04.1992 Cheng-teh City (in prison) [10]


Fan Yufei, Paul

(Foto: sent by Bishop to Dr. Kierein)

Born 26.07.1931 or 08.09.1932 Dayingxi, priest 29.05.1979, Bishop of Chowchich, consecrated 25.01.1982, consecrator Mons. Anthony Zhou Weidao, died 05.04.1995 [11]


Fan Zhong-Liang, Joseph

(Foto: sent by bishop to author)

Born 13.01.1918 Meilong Town (now Changqiao New Village)/Shanghai, baptised in 1932, member of S.J. 23.08.1938, priest 31.05.1951, Coadjutor of Shanghai, consecrated 27.02.1985, consecrator Bishop Matthias Lu Zhen Sheng, probably consecrated again on December 1988 by Peter Fan Xueyan, Bishop of Shanghai 12.03.2000, died 16.03.2014 Shanghai [12]



Fang Jianping, Peter


Born 25.11.1962 Lulong county, priest 06.08.1989 or 15.02.1991, Coadjutor of Tangshan, consecrated 06.01.2000 in Peking without papal appoval, consecrator Bishop Joseph Liu Yuanren, received approval in 2002, Bishop of Tangshan 08.06.2008 (for CPA he became bishop at 17.11.2010) [13]


Fang Xing Yao, John 

(Foto: sent by bishop to author)

Born 05.06.1953, priest 17.12.1989, Bishop of Linyi, consecrated 27. or 28.7.1997, consecrator Bishop Thomas Zhao Feng Wu [14]


Fang Zhigang

Born (unknown date), priest, Bishop of Wenzhou 04.06.1958, consecrated 26.4.1960 in Shanghai, consecrator Mons. Ignatius Pi Shu-shi, resigned and married [15]


Fantoni, Annibale

Born 1818 Biella, member of O.F.M., Apost. Pro-Vicar of Jinan, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Paros 19.09.1848, never consecrated, died 11.07.1882 Hu-Kia-Chuam [15a]


Fantosati, Antonio

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 16.10.1842 S. Maria in Valle/Trevi (Spoleto), member of O.F.M. 28.07.1862, priest 1865, Administrator of Hu-Pè Occiduo-Settentrionale in 1878, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Adrane and Apostolic Vicar of Hunan 05.04.1892, consecrated 11.11.1892 in Kia-yuen, consecrator Mons. Banci, died 07.07.1900 Hengchow (assassinated), Beatification 24.11.1946, Canonisation 01.10.2000 [16]


Fatiguet, Louis Elisée

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 21.12.1855 Bordeaux, priest 17.12.1881, member of C.M. 17.09.1885, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Aspendus and Apostolic Vicar of Kiangsi 24.02.1911, consecrated 11.06.1911 in Kiukiang, consecrator Mons. Jarlin, died 12.02.1931 Kiukiang [17]


Faurie, Louis Simon

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 12.06.1824 Monségur (Bordeaux), member of M.E.P. 08.05.1850, priest 21.12.1850, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Appolonia and Apostolic Vicar of Konytchiou 27.05.1854, declined nomination because of age, accepted nomination in 1860, consecrated 02.09.1860, consecrator Mons. Desflèches, died 21.06.1871 Kouy-tcheou-fou [18]



Favarato, Emilio

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 09.05.1904 Portelongo (Padua), member of O.F.M.Conv. 1922, priest 08.07.1928. nominated Apostolic Prefect of Hinganfu 20.06.1941, expelled 1946; emeritus, died 1947/48(?) [19]


Faveau, Paul Albert

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 06.04.1859 Crochte (Cambrai), member of C.M. 25.09.1883, priest 15.08.1887, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tamasus and Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Kiam Occidentale 10.05.1910, consecrated 02.10.1910 in Ningpo, consecrator Mons. Reynaud, emeritus 00.02.1937, died 23.03.1949 Kashing/Tchikiang [20]



Favier, Pierre Marie Alphonse

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 28.12.1837 Marsannay (Dijon), member of C.M. 1861, priest 18.10.1861, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Pentacomia and Coadjutor of Ce-Li Settentrionale 12.11.1897, consecrated 20.02.1898 in Peking, consecrator Mons. Bruguière, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ce-Li Settentrionale 13.04.1899, died 04.04.1905 Peking [21]

Fayolle, Jean Pierre Marie

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 25.04.1865 Duerne (Lyon), member of M.E.P. 18.09.1886, priest 21.09.1889, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Lampa and Coadjutor of Se-Ciuen Meridionale 15.07.1909, consecrated 24.10.1909 in Suifu, consecrator Mons. Chatagnon, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Se-Ciuen Meridionale 26.11.1920, died 19.10.1931 Suifu [22]


Feliciani, Antonio

Born 04.10.1804 Marano (Ripa), member of O.F.M. 1823, priest, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Hongkong 11.12.1842, emeritus 05.10.1847, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Hongkong “ad interim” 24.08.1850; emeritus 20.06.1855, died 17.03.1866 Tung-erh-kow/Shansi [23]



Feng Xinmao, Peter


Born 21.01.1963 or 1964, priest 03.12.1998, Coadjutor of Hengshui 2002, consecrated 06.01.2004 in Hengshui, consecrator Bishop Liu Ding-han, Bishop of Hengshui 16.01.2008 [24]


Fenouil, Jean Joseph

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 17. or 18.11.1821 Rudelle (Cahors), member of M.E.P. 07.08.1844, priest 29.05.1847, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Tenedus and Apostolic Vicar of Yunnan 29.07.1881, consecrated 27.12.1881 in Kong-yang, consecrator Mons. Lions, died 10.01.1907 Yunnanfu [25]


Fernandez, Clemente

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 17.10.1879 Penerudes (Oviedo), member of O.P. 17.11.1895, priest 08.09.1903, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Formosa 02.09.1913, emeritus 00.06.1921, died 28.04.1952 Barcelona [26]

Ferrant, Paul Léon

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 02.07.1859 Wervicq (Cambrai), member of C.M. 1880, priest 07.06.1884, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Barbalissus and Coadjutor of Kiangsi 19.06.1898, consecrated 02.10.1898 in Ningpo, consecrator Mons. Reynaud, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Kiangsi 25.09.1905, died 05.11.1910 Shanghai [27]


Ferroni, Alfonso Maria Corrado

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 15.02.1892 Bignano sull’ Arno (Fiesole), member of O.F.M. 17.12.1914, priest 24. or 25.08.1920, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Aspendo and Apostolic Vicar of Laohokow 28.01.1932, consecrated 29.05.1932 in Hankow, consecrator Mons. Massi, nominated Bishop of Laohokow 11.04.1946, expelled 1955, died 10.03.1966 Firenze [28]


Filippi, Alessio Maria

Born 14.05.1818 Modena, member of O.F.M. 23.10.1837, priest 1841, nominated Apostolic Pro-Vicar of Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale 01.08.1870, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Paneade and Apostolic Vicar of Hu-Pè Occiduo-Meridionale 28.01.1876, consecrated 07.05.1876 in Wuchang, consecrator Mons. Zanoli, died 28.11.1888 Ichang [29]

Fiorentini, Agapito Augusto

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 27.09.1866 Palestrina, member of O.F.M. 1882, priest 22.03.1890, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Rusadus and Apostolic Vicar of Scian-Si Settentrionale 21.03.1902, consecrated 15.06.1902 in Hankow, consecrator Mons. Carlassare, emeritus 18.11.1909, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Scian-Si Settentrionale 1909 – 15.05.1910, nominated again Apostolic Vicar of Scian-Si Settentrionale 07.07.1916, emeritus 21.09.1938, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Taiyuanfu 1938, emeritus 1940, died 22.08.1941 Taiyuanfu [30]


Firenze, Pietro da

Born (unknown date), priest, member of O.F.M., nominated Aux.-Bishop of Khanbaliq 19.02.1311, consecrated probably by Pope Clemens V. [30a], nominated Bishop of Zaitum 1332, died 1362 [31]


Firenze, Giacomo da

Born (unknown date), priest, nominated Bishop of Zaitum 1362, consecrated, died 1370 ? (assassinated) [32]



Florens, Jean Louis

Born 10.04.1756 Lagnes, member of M.E.P. 1778, priest, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zela and Coadjutor of Se-Ciuen 08.09.1807, consecrated 29.06.1810, consecrator Mons. Dufresse, died 14.12.1814 Yen-duyen-so-ha [33]



Focaccia, Ermenegildo

Born 28.06.1886 Mensa (Ravenna), member of O.F.M. 1901, priest 18.07.1910, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Yütze 16.01.1932, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Antifrae and Apostolic Vicar of Yütze 09.03.1944, consecrated 30.04.1944 in Taiyuan, consecrator Mons. Capozi, nominated Bishop of Yütze 11.04.1946, died 12.08.1953 Yütze [34]



Fogolla, Francesco Antonio Domenico

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 04.10.1839 Montereggio di Mulazzo (Parma) member of O.F.M. 1856, priest 19.09.1863, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Bagis and Coadjutor of Scian-Si Settentrionale 04.07.1898, consecrated 18.07.1898 in Paris, consecrator Mons. Eugenio Clari [35], died 09.07.1900 Taiyuanfu (assassinated), Beatification 24.11.1946, Canonisation 01.10.2000 [36]


Fogued y Gil, José

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 27.09.1885 Ojos Negros (Teruel), member of C.M.F. 1903, priest 23.06.1912, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Tunki 14.04.1937, died 24.01.1954 Barcelona [37]

Fontana, Giacomo Luigi

Born 02.07.1780 Ivrea, priest, member of M.E.P., nominated Tit.-Bishop of Sinitis and Apostolic Vicar of Szechwan 24.05.1817, consecrated 21.05.1820 in Chengtu, consecrator Mons. Perocheau, nominated Apostolic Vicar of Houkouang 1838, died 11.07.1838 Houy-sy [38]


Forcade, Theodor Augustin

(Foto: Website of Diocese of Hongkong)

Born 02.03.1816 Versailles, priest 16.03.1839, member of M.E.P. 1842, nominated Apost. Vicar of Japan and Tit.-Bishop of Samos, consecrated 21.02.1847 in Hongkong, consecrator Mons. Rizzolati, nominated Apostolic Pro-Prefect of Hongkong 05.10.1847, retired from office as Pro-Prefect 24.08.1850, retired from office as Apost. Vicar January 1852, nominated Bishop of Guadeloupe and Basse-Terre 06.04.1853, nominated Bishop of Nevers 11.12.1860, nominated Archbishop of Aix 29.03.1873, died 12.09.1885 Aix [39]



Ford, Francis Xavier

(Fotos: (1) Archive Perraud, (2) Archive Perraud, Bishop Ford on the right, Bishop James Edward Walsh on the left)

Born 11.01.1892 Brooklyn, member of M.M. 1912, priest 05.12.1917, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Kaying 28.04.1929, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Etenna and Apostolic Vicar of Kaying 18.06.1935, consecrated 21.09.1935 in Maryknoll, consecrator Mons. James Anthony Walsh [40], nominated Bishop of Kaying 11.04.1946, arrested 1950, died 21.02.1952 Canton (in prison) [40a]


Foucard, Pierre-Noël-Joseph

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 24.12.1830 Olivet (Orleans), priest 17.05.1856, member of M.E.P. 26.07.1859, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Zela and Apostolic Prefect of Kuangsi 13.08.1878, consecrated 23.03.1879 in Kong-yang, consecrator Mons. Lions, died 31.03.1889 Chang-se [41]

Fourquet, Antoine-Pierre-Jean

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 06.03.1872 Eus (Perpignan), member of M.E.P., priest 29.02.1896, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Themisonium and Apostolic Vicar of Canton 20.02.1923, consecrated 16.09.1923 in Canton, consecrator Mons. Pozzoni, nominated Archbishop of Canton 11.04.1946, emeritus 11.12.1947, nominated Tit.-Archbishop of Gangra 11.12.1947, died 18.02.1952 Montbeton (Montauban) [42]


Franca Castro e Moura, João de

Born 19.03.1804 S. Cosme de Gondomar (Porto), member of C.M. 1925, priest 1829, Administrator of Peking 1838, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Claudiopoli and Apost. Vicar of Peking 28.08.1840, declined nomination and consecration; resigned Administration 15.06.1847, nominated Bishop of Porto 21.05.1862, consecrated 06.07.1862 in Lissabon, consecrator Mons. Ferrieri [43], died 16.10.1868 Porto [44]


Frederix, Godefroy

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 19.07.1866 Afferden (Roermond)/Netherlands, member of C.I.C.M. 17.11.1889, priest 03.04.1892, nominated Tit.-Bishop of Thagaste and Apostolic Vicar of Kansu Settentrionale 08.03.1920, consecrated 29.06.1920 in Roermond, consecrator Mons. Schrijnen [45], nominated Apostolic Vicar of Ningsia 28.03.1922, emeritus 11.03.1930, nominated Apostolic Administrator of Ningsia 11.03.1930, emeritus 1931/32, died 18.06.1938 Sienynan [46]

Froewis, Georg

(Foto: Archive Perraud)

Born 30.01.1865 Alberschwende (Brixen), member of S.V.D. 1892, priest 03.12.1893, nominated Apostolic Prefect of Sinyangchow 01.08.1928, emeritus 25.041933, died 11.11.1934 Sinyangchow [47]


Fu Tie-shan, Michael

(Foto: Archive Kierein)

Born 03.11.1931 or 00.12.1932 Qingyuan, priest 1956, Bishop of Peking 1979, consecrated 21.12.1979 in Peking without Vatican approval, consecrator Bishop Michael Yang Gao-jian, died 20.04.2007 Peking [48]


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